The Gilmore | Henne Community Fund Revisits the West Lawn Playground


After attempting to work on this playground in 2010, and the pieces not falling into place, we approached Spring Township once again in early 2012, in hopes of bringing the project to fruition. We were able to collaboratively work together with Spring Township to breathe some fresh air into the West Lawn Playground on June 24, 2012. Hundreds of community members and volunteers came together and made this project happen. “This is what it’s about, community fixing their community,” said John Gilmore, tight end for the New Orleans Saints, Wilson High School graduate, and co-founder of the Gilmore|Henne Community Fund.

Fellow co-founder, Chad Henne, quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and also a Wilson High School graduate, commented, “This is our community. We went to Wilson. It’s good to see familiar faces come and help out.” Our projects included assembling picnic tables and benches, roofing the pavilion, painting the fence, stenciling the asphalt, installing bike racks, planting bushes and flowers, mulching the new flower beds, and designing and painting a community mural.

Lowe’s Heroes Program was an integral part of this revitalization as well. You could see Lowe’s employees working with the volunteers all throughout the playground. We are all very thankful they chose to work with us on our 2 Parks|2 Days 2012 projects.


West Lawn Community Project